Web App Development

What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.

We will deliver your product
fast and cost efficient

Beautiful and efficient front-end

Two most appreciated and widely used front-end frameworks for Web App Development: Angular and React.

Both perfect in Web App Development for developing a fast MVP or a prototype and for the final solution.

Advanced scalable back-end

Developed with cutting-edge technologies such as Node.js or Python.

Wide experience with deploying distributed systems on cloud services (AWS, Azure).

Key steps in the successful
Web App Development


Prepare For Web Development
Product design

Let’s assume we proceed with the product design in the previous steps and all necessary interface mockups are ready for. If you need additional business analysis in Digital Marketing or help with UX / UI in please check Product design.​​​​​​​

Don’t forget about the technical specification.

The technical documentation and diagrams prepared by us for Web Application for facilitate communication, help to avoid misunderstandings, anticipate and overcome possible obstacles, and make the development process smooth. You won’t receive any ‘almost finished’ product, nor a black box where the knowledge of its internal workings is hidden from you in Web Application.


Development kickoff

We will prepare and propose a <a href=”http://simulas.in/services/digital-marketing/”>Digital Marketing</a> development, test, and production environments from scratch, depending on the possibilities, security requirements, and your preferences.​​​​​​​

Project control

We’re fully aware that having full control over the budget and implementation is a key to success in every project in <a href=”http://simulas.in/services/digital-marketing/”>Digital Marketing</a>. That’s why we use tools for that allow us to make sure that everything is under control.


Launch. What’s next?
Maintenance and further development

After the launch, our team will assist with its further development in. We’re able to simultaneously maintain a production system and expand it by adding new features and respond to the current needs of its users. It’s crucial to maintain the reliability of the solution, that’s why we offer our support and maintenance services (SLA) in.

Our team will assist with its future development in after the launch. We can sustain a production system while also expanding it with new features and responding to the current needs of its users. Maintaining the solution’s dependability is critical, which is why we provide support and maintenance services (SLA) in.


Technologies we use

Having a versatile team of developers able to work with various technology stacks,
we’re able to respond to different challenges and very specific needs





Node Js



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