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Say No to Contracts

We give month-to-month agreements. There are no predatory annual or quarterly contracts; everything is as clear as possible.


Own Your Website

Is your web site yours, or are you just leasing it? With Simulas, you have your own site & investing in a digital asset that you entirely own.


Simple Reporting

We know that not everyone has the time to study complex reports. We discuss our progress with your campaign simply & consistency

Simulas Formula

Get Found + Build Trust = Maximum Cases

The key to success in the legal industry is to be found by individuals looking for your service. Simulas blends new-wage technology with established techniques for technology and digital marketing for law firms. Whether you want to bring in more customers or spend your time on higher-value cases, we make it easy to construct cost-effective internet ad campaigns, acquire more favorable reviews, create relevant website content, and more. 


Law Firms Only

We believe in being the best at what we do. To guarantee optimum productivity for our clients, we exclusively work with law firms.

Go Exclusive

Working with your competitors can lead to a conflict of interest. Let us be your exclusive partner.

Let’s talk about your firm's growth.

What you can expect from our highly-professional team.

A Master Plan For Technology & Marketing For Law Firms

Are you tired of empty promises from your digital marketing agency? Guarantees that never get fulfilled. That is where we come in. At Simulas, we produce undeniable results that lawyers can track, measure, and profit from.

kick start


We work hard to Kickstart your website for new clients.


Law Firm

We are expert in getting your company to rank for key terms.


Content Marketing

We provide the best Content Marketing services for law firms.

Website Designing

Website Design

We develop beautiful website design that produce genuine business.

video services

Video Services

We deliver Video Services to target your ideal clients


Google Ads

We help lawyers to attract new high quality sales leads.


Conversion Rate Increase With Trust


5% Conversation Rate

When you gain prestige, amplify your trust, and boost your reputation you get more cases. These are not websites built for the Google algorithm, they’re built for real people in your city that need your help.
When you leverage the power of trust, you convert 3x more leads than the competition.


80% Conversation Rate


How we help you?

Amplifying Visibility & Accelerating Efficiency

We combine the latest technology with award-winning services to give you top-notch results. Whether you’re looking to bring in more clients or focus your time on higher-value cases, we have got you covered. With two decades of experience of helping law firms reach their unique goals, our platform makes it easy to build cost-effective online ad campaigns, gain more positive reviews, create valuable web site content, and more.

Let us help you grow and scale your law firm today!

Business Growth

Find the Clients You’re Looking For

We take the "in your shoes" approach.

We take the "walk a mile in my shoes " very seriously. Hence, we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. No messy contracts. No confusing reports. No unscrupulous billing practices.

Instead, you’ll work directly with our experienced team of marketing specialist, dedicated to your firm’s success.
When it comes to marketing your firm online no time is wasted. No technique is fluff. No spaghetti is thrown at the wall “just to see what sticks.” We aren’t learning on your dime and there is no guesswork.
We know what works and apply strategies that get the results you need.

Legal Firms We Help

We know your practice area and your customers.


Personal Injury Lawyer

Potential leads looking for a personal injury attorney require a different marketing approach.


Workers' Comp Lawyer

A distinct marketing strategy is required for potential leads looking for a Workers’ Comp Lawyer.


Bankruptcy Lawyer

Winning new clients grows business, whether you're a solo lawyer or a bankruptcy law firm.

Employment Lawyer

Marketing Strategy will also help you get more and better leads – and more conversions.


Immigration Lawyer

A distinct marketing strategy is required for potential leads looking for a Immigration Lawyer.

icons8-lawyer-100 (2)

Family Lawyer

Whether you’re a solo Family Lawyer or a Family law firm, winning new clients grows your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Attorney web site is very important. It can help you to create a strong brand and get more clients. Potential clients need a place to find out what kind of services you offer and who you can help and rather than keeping office assistants on the phone all day answering these types of questions, the website does it for you.There are many things you should know when you want to create a website for lawyer, if you have any questions regarding you website feel free to book a consultation with us.

SEO marketing efforts are used to build brand awareness for your firm, develop authority and trust, and get more potential clients on your website which drives up traffic. Providing content on your page that speaks to questions that people may have about legal matters is one sure way to trigger keyword optimization and potential featured snippet opportunities on Google.

Digital advertising is the use of the internet and related media to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. The digital aspect allows marketers to target their ads to specific consumers and measure the results of ad campaigns.
While worldwide advertising is achievable, as a local law firm, you would only want your ads going to your targeted audience. Local service ads by Google are a good place to get started.

Facebook is now Meta, Instagram is continuously changing filters, LinkedIn may seem hit or miss, is being on social media as a law firm even worth it? Despite how you may personally feel about the popular communication network, the answer is yes. Social media marketing is part of the core success ladder to gaining new clients.

Content marketing is about creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content with the goal of attracting and acquiring a clearly defined audience—and, ultimately, turning them into customers."Content" can be any form of media: photos, articles, infographics, pod-casts or even videos.

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With Simulas you get the best marketing, technology, and people to grow your law firm.

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With Simulas you get the best technology, marketing services, and team to grow your business at the speed you want to.


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