Google Ads for Lawyers

Google Ads For Lawyers That Turns Clicks Into Cases

We help entrepreneurial lawyers attract new high-quality sales leads and gain premium placement in Google’s paid search results using Google Ads for Lawyers.

How Our Google Ads Get Results

We hit the ground running to provide the best ROI for any PPC strategy. Whether you need us to fine-tune an existing campaign or start from scratch, our team makes sure that every dollar spent brings in the business you need.

Thorough Keyword Research

We make sure that your ads bring in customers that convert by using thorough research, landing page testing, and more.


Powerful Landing Page Design

We not only get you the right ads, but we also get you the right landing page. Our landing pages will maximize your customer conversion rate.


Comprehensive Testing

Rather than go with your gut, go with our rigorous testing process. We find out what works and what doesn’t, maximizing your Google Ads effectiveness.

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Why Choose Us

Enhance Your Law Firm's Reach: Expert Google Ads Marketing for Law Firms

Looking to boost your online presence and attract potential clients? Look no further! Our law firm understands the power of digital marketing, including Google Ads. With our solid strategy and expertise in Google Ads marketing, we can help your firm stand out from the competition. Invest wisely in Google Ads and target the right keywords to ensure your services are easily discoverable by users seeking legal assistance. Partner with our trusted Google Ads marketing agency and take your law firm's online visibility to new heights.
Clear ROI Metrics
Precise Targeting

With Google Ads, you can precisely target the type of legal consumer that you’re looking for. That level of exactness is difficult to achieve with Organic SEO.

Google Ads Managers

The best Google Ads managers have a lot of experience and a deep understanding of how Google Ads work and continue to evolve. Our Google Ad experts have a minimum of 10 years of experience running Google Ad campaigns.

PPC Works On Your Schedule

As an attorney, your schedule can be unpredictable.
With Google Ads, you can schedule them when it makes sense for you.

Proven track record of success

Simulas has real-world experience in running successful campaigns in some of the most competitive markets.
When you launch a PPC campaign, you can expect the phone to start ringing immediately. An Organic SEO campaign can take months to generate leads.

What Are Google Ads for Lawyers?

Google Ads are paid advertisements that show up on a search engine results page (SERP). If you search for something on Google, you’ll likely see the first couple of spots on the page have an “ad” tag next to them. This means that companies paid to be in that top spot through bidding. You can also have your ads show up on other websites using Google Ads.Using Google Ads is a beneficial digital strategy because it helps you get access to high-intent prospects. This means your name and firm get in front of people looking for specific services you offer or information you provide.

Active management and optimization.

Smart marketing does not happen on autopilot. Instead, we test, track, optimize, and test again to get it right. In addition to optimizing your campaigns, ads, and audiences we test your landing pages to convert the traffic you receive into fresh new customers. Our activities, and your campaign’s performance, are summarized in an easy-to-understand monthly report.

Google Ads For Law Frim

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Everything You'll Need to Expand Your Business

It’s hard to succeed in today’s competitive legal systems without a solid reputation. Simulas provides solutions to help you distinguish out from other firms in your region.

Legal Firms We Help

We know your practice area and your customers.


Personal Injury Lawyer

Potential leads looking for a personal injury attorney require a different marketing approach.


Workers' Comp Lawyer

A distinct marketing strategy is required for potential leads looking for a Workers’ Comp Lawyer.


Bankruptcy Lawyer

Winning new clients grows business, whether you're a solo lawyer or a bankruptcy law firm.

Employment Lawyer

Marketing Strategy will also help you get more and better leads – and more conversions.


Immigration Lawyer

A distinct marketing strategy is required for potential leads looking for a Immigration Lawyer.

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Family Lawyer

Whether you’re a solo Family Lawyer or a Family law firm, winning new clients grows your business.

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