Law Firm Facebook Ads

Law Firm Facebook Ads
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Simulas is expert in getting your company to rank for key terms that your customers search for using Law Firm Facebook Ads.


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Facebook's Advertising Agency Exclusively for Law Firms Marketing

Facebook advertising has been a popular way to acquire new customers. To get the attention of your potential customers, you'll need a team of Facebook marketing specialists on your side.
This is where we can help. So you can concentrate on growing your practice while we conduct research, strategize, design, and optimize your Facebook Ads campaign.


We communicate honestly, share freely, and track the success of your digital marketing campaign so you don't have to.


We come to you with new ideas and opportunities to help your law practice grow.


We work to get you the top spot in Google's search results so you can win new business.

Are Law Firm Facebook Ads for Lawyers ?

Facebook is the most used social media platform. Whether intentional or not, the average person dedicates 2 hours and 24 minutes to it every day. The easiest and most obvious answer is that more than half of your target audience is already there, making client acquisition simpler.
Facebook ads for lawyers are affordable and efficient because they allow for efficient audience targeting. The platform’s built-in analytics produces real-time data, so strategies can be constantly updated without wasting a budget. As a platform, Facebook is user-friendly, boosts business visibility, and builds trust with future and existing clientele.

How we make Facebook Ads for Lawyers and Law Firms ?

Successful Facebook advertisements for lawyers, like all things effectively done, follow precise tactics to maximize the budget and target the ideal clients.

Audiences to Be Targeted

It is difficult and unnecessary to reach each of the 4.66 million internet users. We precisely target your advertisements based on demographics.

Split-testing your ads

A/B testing, according to Facebook, is an experiment that allows you to "alter variables like your ad copy, audience, or location to see which strategy performs better and optimize future campaigns."

Make full use of all available media.

There are numerous ways to get your law practice in front of potential clients, including pictures, videos, ad polls, tales, and direct messenger ads.

Including the appropriate CTA

This is a marketing word that means "instant response" or "quick sale." "Call now" is a term that has been around for a long time and is still regularly used.

Make a Standout Campaign

We build one-of-a-kind Facebook ads that appeal to your target audience. Several methods and content formats should be used in a successful campaign.
Succeed With
Facebook Advertising
Creation of a Facebook advertising strategy.

To launch your Facebook campaign we start with a discovery session, and campaign strategy. Our aim is to identify your ideal customers and to craft campaigns that put your message front and center.

Detailed audience research and targeting.

We research your target audience to identify demographic targeting options. Then, we create custom audiences and targeted campaigns to reach them.

End-to-end account setup and configuration

Trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. A high rating all over the internet, anywhere your potential client is looking, is critical to how you are perceived.

Everything You'll Need to Expand Your Business

It’s hard to succeed in today’s competitive legal systems without a solid reputation. Simulas provides solutions to help you distinguish out from other firms in your region.

Legal Firms We Help

We know your practice area and your customers.


Personal Injury Lawyer

Potential leads looking for a personal injury attorney require a different marketing approach.


Workers' Comp Lawyer

A distinct marketing strategy is required for potential leads looking for a Workers’ Comp Lawyer.


Bankruptcy Lawyer

Winning new clients grows business, whether you're a solo lawyer or a bankruptcy law firm.

Employment Lawyer

Marketing Strategy will also help you get more and better leads – and more conversions.


Immigration Lawyer

A distinct marketing strategy is required for potential leads looking for a Immigration Lawyer.

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Family Lawyer

Whether you’re a solo Family Lawyer or a Family law firm, winning new clients grows your business.

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