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Expert WordPress Law Firm Website Design Services: Crafting Brands That Stand Out

Make a lasting impression with our top-notch WordPress Law Firm Website Design services for your law firm. We create visually stunning and user-friendly websites that convert visitors into valuable leads. Trust our expert team for professional and reliable WordPress Law Firm Website Design near you. Elevate your online presence today.


Before Our Marketing

One law firm location had zero cases
from Google


After Our Marketing

More locations in four states were added,
making us the number one firm on Google
in under eight months. Every month,
hundreds of cases are filed.

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What should you expect from the Simulas website? 

Law Firm Website Design that Won various Awards 

To help our clients stand out in a crowded industry, we create beautiful website designs that offer meaningful business outcomes.


You Own It

If it's part of your website, you own it. That includes graphics, content, themes, and files.

Updates are simple

Making changes to your website is straightforward because of its user-friendly interface.

Optimized for SEO

Your website will be expertly optimized for Google rankings.
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Our Full Suite of Robust Features


95% Enhanced Security

Your Website Design communicates a great deal about you and your firm to potential customers.
It’s your digital calling card and a customer’s first impression of your business. Let’s make it a lasting one.


93% SEO Optimized



It's important to move quickly. Your website will have caching plugins to speed up load times and a lightning-fast server.


Google Analytics is set up on your website to track how visitors interact with the pages, articles, and forms on your site.

The Internet and Social Media

Integrate your social media outlets into your website to increase sharing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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Crafting Captivating Brands and Websites with Simulas: Your Trusted Law Firm Website Design Company for Law Firms

At Simulas Website Designs, we understand the significance of a tastefully designed website that reflects trust, quality, and professionalism – the very qualities prospective clients seek in a law firm. Our expertise lies in creating captivating WordPress websites that establish your brand's online presence effectively.

Our websites are meticulously crafted, keeping both Google and your clients in mind. With SEO plugins and cutting-edge onsite optimization tools, our architecture ensures higher rankings on Google's search results, driving more visitors to your website.

With the user-friendly WordPress platform, you can easily manage and update your website, write blogs, and incorporate images, without the need for extensive coding knowledge. It's like having a computer science degree without dealing with complex programming.

A responsive architecture is at the core of our website development process, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience on any device. Whether accessed from a laptop, desktop, or smartphone, your website will make a lasting impression and yield tangible business results.

When it comes to safeguarding your website, we prioritize premium hosting solutions. Simulas partners with WPEngine, renowned for its security, speed, and performance, to provide industry-leading hosting services. With nightly backups, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, automatic upgrades, and protected SSL certificates, your website is in trusted hands.

Choose Simulas Website Designs as your trusted partner for law firm website design. We specialize in creating the best law firm websites, utilizing our expertise as a top-notch website design and development company. Elevate your brand's online presence today with our exceptional services.

Everything You'll Need to Expand Your Business

It’s hard to succeed in today’s competitive legal systems without a solid reputation. Simulas provides solutions to help you distinguish out from other firms in your region.

Legal Firms We Help

We know your practice area and your customers.


Personal Injury Lawyer

Potential leads looking for a personal injury attorney require a different marketing approach.


Workers' Comp Lawyer

A distinct marketing strategy is required for potential leads looking for a Workers’ Comp Lawyer.


Bankruptcy Lawyer

Winning new clients grows business, whether you're a solo lawyer or a bankruptcy law firm.

Employment Lawyer

Marketing Strategy will also help you get more and better leads – and more conversions.


Immigration Lawyer

A distinct marketing strategy is required for potential leads looking for a Immigration Lawyer.

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Family Lawyer

Whether you’re a solo Family Lawyer or a Family law firm, winning new clients grows your business.

Firms We Help

We know your practice area and your customers.

These are not websites built only for the Google algorithm. They're built for real people in your city that need your help. Our clients convert on average 3x more cases than the competition by leveraging the power of trust.

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