3 Tricks To Optimize Your Law Firm Website For More Cases

3 Tricks To Optimize Your Law Firm Website For More Cases | Simulas

If you don’t use your website to get people to hire you for legal services, your law firm is leaving money on the table. If a law firm wants to be more visible online and get more good clients, they can optimize their law firm website. Using ideas from behavioral psychology, you can improve the effectiveness of your law firm website in simple ways.

Tips To Optimize Your Law Firm Website

  1. Optimize For The First Impression
    You only have a short amount of time to get someone’s attention, so don’t waste the most important space on your law firm website. This is what is shown “above the fold” or on the screen before someone has to scroll to get to the next section. The average person will only look at your website for a few seconds before they decide to click on something else or hit the “back” button.
    You have to catch their attention right away. Your law firm website is a marketing tool, but it’s most useful when it helps people learn more about you or decide to do something, like schedule a consultation with you. 84% of the people who go to your website will only look at what’s above the fold. Put something interesting at the top of the page to get their attention.
  1. Focus On Your Copy More Than Design
    Your law firm website’s copy is significantly more important than its design, despite the fact that design is essential for presenting your website’s layout and individual pages in a way that is understandable and makes sense.
    Think about what the people who visit your website want and how you can give it to them in the most effective way to make your copy more customer-focused. Focus on showing someone what you can do rather than trying to explain it to them. This might include, for instance, snippets of testimonials from former customers of the company.
  1. Avoid Popups: Let People Come To You
    There’s nothing more annoying than looking around a store and having salespeople follow you around and offer to help. A good salesperson either looks for signs that you need help or waits for you to ask for it. The same idea applies to messages that pop up on your website.
    Too many pop-ups cover the screen and force offers on the reader that they might not be interested in right now. Instead, use options that slide in or calls to action that appears in the text. These are less annoying than pop-ups, but they still say what they need to say.
    It’s fine to put one exit pop-up on the screen as a last-ditch effort to get information from your viewer before they close the tab. Be aware of how any slide-ins or pop-ups look on mobile, as sometimes they are not the right size and are even more annoying to readers.


Optimizing your law firm website for search engines and the people you want to reach gives you a much better chance of getting and keeping their attention. All of this starts with a well designed website. You can do this by making interactive materials or retargeting ads that put your firm’s name back in front of them. At Simulas, we are a digital marketing firm specializing in creating and optimizing law firm websites. Contact us today at (408) 715-3635.

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