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A Legal Marketing Perspective: Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing.

digital marketing has become an increasingly popular and effective way to reach potential clients. In this blog post, we'll compare and contrast legal traditional marketing and legal digital marketing.

Instagram Growth Tactics: Top 6 Ways Law Firms Can Increase Following!

Instagram is a great way for law firms to market themselves because it helps them connect with potential clients, sell services, and increase search engine rankings.

7 Critical Google Ranking Factors That Will Drive More Traffic To Your Law Firm.

If you are a law firm owner or marketing director, you might have noticed the difficulty of getting your site to rank in Google search results.

How Legal Blogging Can Help Lawyers : 3 Ways To Grow Your Legal Practice

Legal blogging is a type of blogging in which the blogger writes about legal topics and legal news. On the other hand, the legal bloggers could be lawyers who want to teach/help people.

7 Common Legal Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them?

Legal marketing has become more complex and challenging in recent years. And as competition for clients has intensified, law firms have had to get more creative and strategic with their marketing efforts. Unfortunately, many firms still make common mistakes that

SEO 2022 Alert: How does Google SpamBrain Update Affect your Law Firms Ranking?

The Google SpamBrain update shook the SEO world a few weeks ago, and many web admins are still trying to figure out how it affects their website ranking.

How PPC Can Help You Grow Your Law Firm ?: 5 Tips

With PPC, businesses pay a fee each time a user clicks on one of their advertisement. PPC can be an excellent client acquisition strategy for law firms.

How To Succeed In Legal Marketing? : 5 Habits That You Need To Adopt.

Many legal professionals shy away from anything related to marketing because they believe it is unethical or will compromise their professional reputation.

How Simulas Help To Build A Result-Oriented Data Strategy For Your Law Firm?

As a law firm, you most likely have access to many data. You probably also have a plan for using that data, whether it's to improve customer service, increase efficiency, or something else. However, translating that hazy idea into a

How To Generate Organic Leads For Your Law Firm? : 5 Proven Strategies

Generating leads can be a daunting task. It's especially challenging to generate organic leads, or leads that come as a direct result of your marketing efforts.

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