The Best Legal Directories For Law Firms

The Best Legal Directories For Law Firms | Simulas

Here is a list of the best legal directories for law firms in 2023.

  1. FindLaw.
  2. Legalzoom
  3. Superlawyers
  8. Justia

However, there is more to the story than just the traffic numbers, which do not tell the whole tale. This analysis was conducted and updated for 2023 using traffic estimates.

Which Legal Directories Are Best for Signing New Cases?

If your law firm engages in effective online marketing, it is likely already listed in a number of legal directories. Legal directories are an often overlooked and underappreciated aspect of digital marketing. Typically, this is due to the emphasis placed on optimizing your company’s website.

In addition, there are numerous legal directories that will not hesitate to rip you off by charging a monthly fee despite offering little value. In this article, we will examine why legal directories are important and the advantages of being listed in legal directories.

The Most Common Legal Directories


FindLaw is a legal website that provides the public with legal information, news, and resources. Thomson Reuters, a multinational media and information company, owns it. FindLaw provides numerous legal resources, such as legal news, case law, legal forms and documents, a lawyer directory, and a legal dictionary.

In addition, it provides legal professionals with tools and resources, such as practice management software and marketing solutions. FindLaw’s mission is to help individuals and businesses connect with attorneys and provide the public with legal information and resources. While they receive a substantial amount of website traffic, our tracking indicates that conversion rates for their paid products have been below average.


SuperLawyers is a rating service that recognizes outstanding attorneys from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high level of professional recognition and peer recognition. The SuperLawyers selection process involves independent research, peer nominations and evaluations, and professional accomplishment in the legal profession. Only a small proportion of attorneys in each state are selected as SuperLawyers and those who are recognized as being among the best attorneys in their fields of practice.

SuperLawyers also publishes lists of the best attorneys in each state and major city, and these lists are frequently used by consumers and legal professionals to locate high-quality legal representation. This is one of my go-to resources for locating excellent attorneys.

Why Are Legal Directories Important To Online Marketing?

Avvo, for instance, has grown its website to over 1.2 million estimated monthly (Updated 2021 after a traffic decline) organic search visits, according to SEMrush, and their Alexa ranking places them among the top 2,000 most popular websites in the United States (shown below).

You can probably deduce from this information alone why you need to be listed in the most popular legal directories. The reason for this is that people are spending time on websites like Avvo, where they are likely searching for legal answers or attorneys.

In addition to their massive organic visibility, websites like Avvo and FindLaw have substantial advertising budgets and are actively seeking to become consumer hubs for attorney searches.


The realities that each company must face cause their marketing objectives to differ from one another. It’s possible that some law firms are very good at getting Yelp reviews, while others are unable to get any at all. At Simulas, we can help you to get noted on the best legal directories. Contact us today at (408) 715-3635 to learn more.

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