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Social Media Rules For Lawyers | Simulas

Did you know that eighty percent of attorneys have already implemented social media marketing? This is because it is where everyone spends their time, including your target audience. To gain a competitive advantage in marketing as an attorney, you need not only a well-designed website to establish a credible online presence but also a few social media accounts.

However, being active on social media as an attorney presents numerous obstacles. When communicating with users, you must always adhere to your state’s ethics regulations and follow best practices to be successful.

For most attorneys, this necessitates a partnership with a reputable SEO company. Here is everything you need to know about social media rules for lawyers in the interim.

Why social media Is Important For SEO?

While social media does not directly impact your SEO rankings, it has a significant impact on many of the factors that contribute to your position in search engines.

When you attract a larger audience through social media platforms and build/maintain relationships with this audience, you establish a consistent audience for your content.

The following may increase one or more of the following SEO ranking factors:

  • Improves engagement.
  • Backlinks to your content.
  • Content has a longer reach and lifespan on social platforms.
  • Boosts local searches (even for multiple office locations).

Social media is essential for SEO because it increases your online visibility and drives more traffic to your website and content. This not only increases business from followers but also increases organic traffic from Google searches.

Top Five Social Media Platforms for Lawyers

While social media is crucial to the marketing of your law firm, it will not be effective if you are only present on one platform or on multiple platforms that your audience does not use. One social network will restrict your reach and visibility.

Having a presence on multiple popular platforms will allow you to target your audience with greater consistency and increase your chances of reaching a diverse population of social media users.

Between five and seven impressions are required for someone to remember you. The social media can expedite the procedure. To ensure you’re on the right platforms, here are (in no order) the top five social media sites for lawyers.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter
  5. TikTok

Common Mistakes Lawyers Make When Using social media.

As mentioned in the previous section, one of the most common mistakes lawyers make on social media is not being present on enough platforms, or on the right platforms. However, this is not the only social media error made by attorneys. Here are some additional mistakes to avoid when using social media platforms for your law firm:

  • Posting from your personal account (typically by accident).
  • Not responding and engaging with users on the platform.
  • Responding to comments negatively.
  • Promoting yourself too much and not giving enough attention to content/posts that add value to your readers.

Social Media Rules for Lawyers to Keep in Mind

  • Case-related information and communications should not be shared on social media.
  • Attorneys cannot publish information about clients without their consent.
  • Attorneys must observe the rules governing the solicitation of clients on social media.
  • Attorneys and law firms are prohibited from publishing advertisements that misrepresent the costs or nature of their services or overstate their accomplishments.
  • In relation to the previous point, attorneys should avoid using the terms “best” and “cheapest” in their social media advertisements.
  • Attorneys should not assert or imply that they are legal experts unless they have been certified as such by the appropriate state authority.
  • Attorneys are not permitted to delegate social media activities that they themselves are prohibited from performing.
  • Typically, lawyers cannot pay or promise anything of value to social media users in exchange for recommending their services.

Lawyers need to use social media. Before using social media for marketing, lawyers must follow certain guidelines. Contact Simulas to learn more about social media, lawyer SEO, PPC, local SEO, and legal marketing services. Contact us today at (408) 715-3635 to learn more about our services.

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