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Our guide to law firm SEO services was put together with the intention of assisting attorneys who are interested in legal marketing and who are looking for assistance.

What Is Law Firm SEO?

Law firm SEO is the process of improving your firm’s website so that Google sees it as more trustworthy and ranks it higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). When Google’s algorithm decides that your website is reliable, useful, and relevant, it will show up higher in the organic search results when a potential client searches for keywords related to your practice area, such as “injury lawyer.”

When you search Google, organic search results are the natural, unpaid results that come up. Your law firm’s growth depends on how well it ranks in search engines. The higher up on the SERPs your company’s website is, the more likely it is that a potential client will visit it.

So, how do you “impress” Google so that your website shows up at the top of the search results? And how do you make sure your site actually attracts the people you want to see it? That’s the heart of law firm SEO. You can use both on-site SEO and off-site SEO to help you reach your digital marketing goals.

Why Law Firm SEO Is So Important?

SEO for lawyers is important because it significantly increases the likelihood that a prospective client will find them and retain them as their legal representative.

  1. You’ll Reach Your Target Audience
    If you’ve been practicing law for a while, you’re probably accustomed to acquiring clients through referrals and word of mouth. Alternatively, you may have advertised your services using radio, billboard, or newspaper advertisements.
    Unfortunately, if you rely solely on these strategies, you may miss out on a substantial number of client leads. These strategies may generate some business, but individuals who listen to the radio or read the newspaper are not necessarily seeking legal services. A strong online presence enables you to tailor your services to your target audience: those who require an attorney or legal advice immediately.
  1. You’ll Grow Your Business
    In today’s competitive online market, having a website by itself is not enough to succeed. If you want to increase the amount of traffic that your law firm’s website receives and, as a result, the number of clients that you serve, it is essential to achieve a high ranking in Google’s search results, as we have previously mentioned.
    According to studies, only about 9% of Google users scroll all the way to the bottom of the first SERP, and only 0.44% of users visit the second SERP. This indicates that the majority of people won’t see your website if it isn’t highly ranked on the search engine results page (SERP).
    A high-ranking and engaging website isn’t enough; you also need an up-to-date profile on multiple legal directories, preferably with positive reviews from previous customers.


If you’re looking for law firm SEO services, Simulas is the agency for you. We help lawyers get in front of consumers that need legal help most. And we do it right when and where these prospective clients are looking for an attorney. Call us today at (408) 715-3635 to learn more about our services and SEO for lawyers can help your law firm get the leads it deserves.

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